Vehicle Model Kilometer Percentage of Final Invoice Value
Upto 6 Moths
Upto 6000 KMS
85 % of Final Invoice Value
Upto One Year
Upto 12000 KMS
75 % of Final Invoice Value
Upto Two Year
Upto 24000 KMS
60 % of Final Invoice Value
Upto Three Year
Upto 36000 KMS
55 % of Final Invoice Value

Under Yamaha Assured Buyback  customer will receive an assured buyback value at the time of Purchase of Yamaha New Scooter / Motorcycle. 


Get Upto 85 % Value for the Two Wheeler Purchased from us


1. Eligibility Criteria

1.1 This Buy-Back program is valid on all the assured category vehicles purchased via Shanti Motors (Online or Offline) only

1.2 This Program is Valid for Purchase from  22nd June 2024 

1.3 Registered vehicles that are within 3 year from the applicable date (Purchase date) are eligible

1.4 Vehicles that have run up to 12000 KM in a year are eligible with a maximum of 3000 KM/Quarter

1.5 Vehicle should be regularly serviced at Shanti Motors service centre at Pallikaranai / Velachery .

2. Conditions for disqualification

2.1 If there is a change in ownership of the vehicle

2.2 If the vehicle is transferred from one state RTO to a different state RTO

2.3 If the vehicle is used for any commercial activities viz. taxi service, delivery, etc., or in any competitive events like races, rallies, etc

2.4 If any modification is carried out on/in the vehicle

2.5 If the odometer has been tampered with

2.6 If the vehicle is not maintained in good condition

2.7 If the vehicle falls in the category of Not to procure vehicle at the time of Buyback.

3. Shanti Motors can deduct the repair/replacement charges from the buyback value in the cases as follows

3.1 Any major broken, damaged, non-functioning, or missing part

3.2 Repair and painting cost of any dents on the body parts

3.3 Pending traffic violations, challans, regulatory taxes if any pending

3.4 If the vehicle is hypothecated and does not have the NOC from the concerned bank/financing company

3.5 If the registration certificate of the vehicle is lost, missing, or mutilated.


a. The assured buyback value is as per usage assumptions of up to 3000 km per Quarter. Any usage beyond this would lead to a readjustment of the assured buyback valuation. (Typically a bike depreciates by Rs. 1-3/km driven.)

b. The customer is required to close all open liabilities associated with the bike including closure of the loan, if any, before the bike can be returned under this program.